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1991 Mercedes Benz 300 SL

Technical details

R 129

Production period
1989 till 1993


140 kW (PS 190)


Production numbers
39.400 Vehicles

Vehicle colour

Leather blue

57.512 km

Condition 1

About the car

The Mercedes R 129 was produced from 1989 to 2001 as the successor to the R 107. It was replaced by the R 230 in 2001. During the model's long production period, the Mercedes naming conventions were changed so that the cars sold before 1993 were sold as an SL model (with SL at the end, e.g. 500 SL).

An automatic roll-bar, which extends within 0.3 seconds in the event that the car is rolled over, was used in the R 129 for the first time. Another safety feature is the A pillars which are resistant to buckling to a large extent in the event of an accident. The integral seat, in which the seatbelt and headrest are integrated into the seat, was new. It offers significantly better lateral support than the seats used until that point.

Vehicle description

The vehicle is in perfect condition and has a new set of Brabus 18-inch wheels.